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 [Final] ProVet3rans 2-1 Die Bomb@stischen

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PostSubject: [Final] ProVet3rans 2-1 Die Bomb@stischen   Tue Mar 29, 2016 3:08 am

ProVet3rans 2-1 (1-1) Die Bomb@stischen

Played on: May, the 4th
Referee:  Tsar
Rec: Click! (we haven't got the end of the match)

 Xavi (->  V.Moses)

Goals: haq (4:40), ?
Assists: Zimel (4:40), ?
Owngoals: /
Cards: /

Die Bomb@stischen:
 San Iker

Goals: Onez (3:20)
Assists: abou (3:20)
Owngoals: /
Cards: /
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[Final] ProVet3rans 2-1 Die Bomb@stischen
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